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Paul Sacia Musicals

man standing in desert

Paul Sacia Musicals brings to life the enchanting world of musical theatre with a fervent dedication to storytelling through music. Hailing from Galesville, WI, this local artist infuses his creativity into three distinctive musicals, each showcasing a diverse range of ideas. Whether it's an Elvis-inspired journey, a heartfelt tale of a dog's life, or an epic coming-of-age saga set along the banks of the mighty Mississippi, Paul Sacia captivates audiences with all-original songs that transport them to these unique narratives.

Having performed in renowned entertainment hubs like Las Vegas and even gracing stages in Manila, Philippines. If you're intrigued by the magic of these musicals and are keen on showcasing them, reach out directly to the artist himself. Paul Sacia is not just a composer; he's a storyteller who brings his imaginative worlds to life through the power of music.

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